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💙🩵 We welcome you to the website of our kennel 🩵💙
❤️ Zilber Team vom Königlischen Hof ❤️
About our Kennel

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and the love that long-haired German   shepherds are❤️ ..


🔸I've been breeding since 1995 , I bred Great Danes with them we bred a few litters and then I switched to breeding Central Asian Shepherds , when we imported a dog from Ukraine and we have our offspring in Canada,Germany and other countries around the world. After the ban on breeding I stopped breeding, because we had health complications ( pain, ear infections) and then there was no interest in unbought puppies. And because we always had a German Shepherd at home, my uncle served in the Border Guard in Sumava with a beautiful black shepherd so we did not hesitate to brestarted breeding 

🔸We started to breed first short-haired German Shepherds

Our first female was Diana, who had 3. beautiful litters, from one litter from the connection Dan - we kept her daughter Fatima, then she was mated with a wonderful dog Bax Pla -Ren, then the next litters were with Pegasus( black male), who worked in our breeding and gave beautiful balanced puppies with our females Fatima, Diana and Bess with interest in training, defense. Puppies from him are serving in the Police of the Czech Republic, BA and as far as training is concerned they achieve great results .Diana was then bred to Glenn Pannatax and her last third litter was with Pegas Faustus Moravian. Bess was mated with Baron MonFri and her next puppies were with Pegasus. Since we wanted new blood and line, we bought dogs from Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland and Russia in 2021. Unfortunately, we also paid for dishonest breeders from Serbia, Bulgaria who sold us dogs in terrible condition, unbalanced in character, which led to the fact that we had to give the dogs for adoption because they were unsuitable for breeding. That is why I recommend that when you buy an older dog you check the breeder properly, on the photo you are buying an older dog, it looks beautiful, but the reality is different. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that from Balkan countries, even if it is tempting and you like the dog or puppy in the photo, it is just photoshopped and in reality you will be disappointed, lose a lot of money and last but not least you will be constantly dealing with treatment.‼️

🔸I recommend buying a puppy in Poland or Russia, but even here, check the breeder first For as long as I can remember, the German Shepherd has always been present in my life.     A devoted friend, protector and guardian in one !!!     I owe him a lot of valuable knowledge and experience, which I now pass on to new owners of our pets.  

   🔸Our puppies are socialized from the first moments of their lives.     We teach them cleanliness, contact with people.     We put our whole heart into their education...   

  🔸Our kennel is registered Kynologická Unie České republiky (KUČR)-WCHSA    where breeding requirements and the DNA basis are the guarantee of the dog's origin.  

   All dogs and females in our kennel are hip and hip dysplasia free elbows!!!     We invite you to familiarize yourself with our entire website.